A Death Proof Tuesday

You should watch it when you are incredibly frustrated horny- male or female- and you would get the genius of this film. Tarantino is so divine in the shooting of a bad film, that this lil film here has become the best of it’s kind. I think when a guy like him starts with a project like this, and then be able to achieve a dream like quality between conversations of young girls, while all throughout be able to turn the screen into a black and white visage of Kurt Russel with a scar putting on a Ray Ban and taking out a cigarette – that, trust me, is awesome. THAT is auteur! James Wood, writing in The Guardian, talked about Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction as: “Tarantino represents the final triumph of postmodernism, which is to empty the artwork of all content, thus avoiding its capacity to do anything except helplessly represent our agonies…. Only in this age could a writer as talented as Tarantino produce artworks so vacuous, so entirely stripped of any politics, metaphysics, or moral interest.” I completely agree. But for precisely that reason, I am thankful that I know about Tarantino’s cinema and can appreciate it. I can never be glad enough of Tarantino and his ilk – Robert Rodriguez, Takashi Miike, Frank Miller, Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bharadwaj, David Finch, Park Chan Wook, Wong Kar Wai. Ok I am gushing much. You guys wouldn’t get this while you watch this particular film. Rememeber that this is a BAD FILM project, which Tarantino has made brilliantly. I loved it.

Gosh, I am getting gooey.

Stuntman Mike: Well, Pam… Which way you going, left or right?
Pam: Right!
Stuntman Mike: Oh, that’s too bad…
Pam: Why?
Stuntman Mike: Because it was a fifty fifty shot on wheter you’d be going left or right. You see we’re both going left. You could have just as easily been going left, too. And if that was the case… It would have been a while before you started getting scared. But since you’re going the other way, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to start getting scared… immediately!

Or the legendary,

Jungle Julia: [to Arlene] What about “kinda cute, kinda hot, kinda sexy, hysterically funny, but not funny-looking guy who you could fuck” did you not understand?

Nate: [surprising her on the porch in front of the bar] I was thinking we can make out?
Arlene: What, on a porch? Not even in the bar, but in front of the entrance? Forget it.
Nate: No, in my car!
[points to the parked cars in front of the bar]
Arlene: What, out there? It’s fucking ‘Nam out there.
[heavy rain in the background]
Nate: Not in my car, it’s not.
Nate: Look, you won’t get wet.
[puts up an umbrella]
Nate: I promise you.
Arlene: [grins] You know, most guys wouldn’t brag about that.

Jungle Julia: Sorry, it was a one-time only offer and she did it earlier this evening at Anton’s.
Stuntman Mike: No, she didn’t.
Arlene: How do you know?
Stuntman Mike: I’m good that way. And you look a little touché.
Arlene: What’s touché?
Stuntman Mike: Wounded, slightly.
Arlene: Why sould I be wounded?
Stuntman Mike: Because you expected guys to be pestering you all night, but from your look I can tell nobody pestered you at all. That kind of hurt your feelings a little bit, didn’t it? There are few things as fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel.
[Arlene smiles]
Stuntman Mike: [slowly] So, how about that lap dance?
Arlene: I think I’m going to have to give you a rain check.
Stuntman Mike: Well, since you’ll be leaving in the next couple of days, that rain check will be worthless. But that’s okay. I understand if I make you uncomfortable. You’re still a nice girl, and I still like you. But I must warn you of something – you know how people say “You’re okay in my book” or “In my book, that’s no good”? Well, I actually have a book.
[Stuntman Mike pulls out a little book from his back pocket]
Stuntman Mike: And everybody I ever meet goes in this book. And, now I’ve met you, and you’re going in the book! Except, I’m afraid I must file you… under… “chicken shit.”
Arlene: [grabbing the book] And what if I did it?
Stuntman Mike: Well, definitely couldn’t file you under “chicken shit” then, now, could I?
Arlene: What’s your name again?
Stuntman Mike: [quietly] Stuntman Mike.
Arlene: Well, Stuntman Mike, I’m Butterfly. My friend Jungle Julia over here says that jukebox inside is pretty impressive.
Stuntman Mike: Yeah, it is.
Arlene: Yeah.
[hands Stuntman Mike back his book]
Arlene: Why don’t you get ready for your lapdance?

From the wiki page, how cool if you can actually do something like this.

In an interview, Tarantino revealed that he decided to cast Kurt Russell as the killer stunt driver because “for people of my generation, he’s a true hero…but now, there’s a whole audience out there that doesn’t know what Kurt Russell can do. When I open the newspaper and see an ad that says ‘Kurt Russell in Dreamer,’ or ‘Kurt Russell in Miracle,’ I’m not disparaging these movies, but I’m thinking: When is Kurt Russell going to be a badass again?”

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