Courage Comes To Those Who Are Home On Mondays

Extremely erratic internet connection. Chunks of life being uploaded, some pictures, some text, here and there. But vast amounts of time, like this currently where the mind is ablaze and the body is a prisoner. And the only outlet is the vast environs of the internet. Why do people access the internet during work hours from office? Because I have become a very weird parasite of a human being. As has an entire generation. I do not feel compensated for what the office takes away from my life in lieu of what it gives me. There is always a vast widening ugly deficit. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Review after review.

My first thing to do this morning, written with an ink pen, on a fancy black notebook.

Monday .

Send order no. and item nos. of WOO order to Ravi after confirming.

Despite a year of blathering through perfectly un-necessary short forms of every crap activity and word possible, I still do not get used to the extremely irritating habit of randomly shortening words.

Isko hi suicide kehte hain. I mean, I am willingly and voluntarily employed here, right?

The difference between someone who’s home on Mondays and someone who is doing his time @ the dukaan is the following two Dexter comics. From Sunday and Monday respectively.

This is how people at home on mondays think mondays are for people doing time in office cubicles, all smarty pants juggling and hee hee and haa haa

This is how Mondays really are. Except that for most of us, along with immense technical knowledge, what depletes is the immense desire to live, and instead builds up the immense technical and experienced contempt

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