Sunday evening poetry is high on hope and smoke

Yuvraj Singh not having a party. Toothy grin. Birthday or not. Demi gods of our time.  The match looks exactly the same in highlights as it was the first time around.

Spent the entire day inside a multiplex. The first couple of hours with Rocket Singh, and then the entire day spent in Starmark, carrying around vast numbers of books (counted 15 at one time) from one corner of store to another. Murakami (finally, The Wind Bird Chronicles). The Sea, The Sea. Crime -Irvine Welsh. Also, the only fat hero from the penguin classics section.

Rocket Singh is an excellent film. Even more so because it is backed up by the sort of ancient powerhouse producer house YRF is, who meanwhile have their other big release as still the utterly moronic “Love Impossible”. To do what Shimit Amin is doing in YRF is akin and equivalent to what Nitish Kumar is doing as CM of Bihar. To be able to produce fun cinema out of that is not only genius but is also quite a risk. But then risk to Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai.

Which is why I am watching the first “salesguy” film made earlier this year “Oh My God!”. Sounds suspiciously like what I sound like of late, but that is the Vinay Pathak, Saurabh Shukla film which was part of the three main multiplex comedies to crash this year. Sankat City, and Baarah Aana. The other two. Yes there was Aagey Se Right too, but bah.

No Priyadarshan films, I refuse to count. And Golmaal series and Dhol variants, irrespective of the amount of moolah they rake in,

Which brings me to Anurag Kashyap. Saw the Dvd of Frozen at a dvd store, in a premium packaging at Rs. 399. Targetted at a very niche, collector audience. On the cover there is just one review byte, a quotation from Anurag Kashyap. “I wish I had made this film.”

His own Dev D dvd is priced at Rs.149.

What a year AK is having! Dev D, stardom, Gulaal, girlfriend, high brow theatre, and premium packaging. All in one year!! The pains of No Smoking and Paanch would be very difficult to erase, but 2009 would have been a good balm.

16 mins into the film. Ouch.  Bad!

36 mins into the film. Abandoned ship. Why was AK pushing this?

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