What connects Anurag Kashyap, Rashmirathi and Les Liaisons Dangereuses?

How did I reach here?

  1. Thinking of Anurag Kashyap’s genius while watching the Making of Dev D dvd on saturday evening.
  2. Repeat 1 on Sunday afternoon.
  3. Repeat 2 – the making of Emosanal Atyachaar & then the changeover to Emotional Atyachaar along with Amit Trivedi and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Repeat thought in head. Genius at work.
  4. Think about writing of Anurag Kashyap as an idol. Haven’t had many. Isaac Newton when I was a kid. Karna, from Mahabharata in the teenage years. and that is pretty much it.
  5. Search for Rashmirathi on wikipedia. That was the book that had got me entranced about Karna. Find this, Recent hindi movie “Gulaal” directed by Anurag Kashyap, has got rendition of Dinkar’s poem “Ye dekh gagan mujh mein lay hai” from rashmirathi chapter 3, performed by Piyush Mishra.

दो न्याय अगर तो आधा दो, और, उसमें भी यदि बाधा हो,

तो दे दो केवल पाँच ग्राम, रक्खो अपनी धरती तमाम।
हम वहीं खुशी से खायेंगे,
परिजन पर असि न उठायेंगे!

लेकिन दुर्योधन
दुर्योधन वह भी दे ना सका, आशीष समाज की दे न सका,
उलटे, हरि को बाँधने चला, जो था असाध्य, साधने चला।

हरि ने भीषण हुंकार किया, अपना स्वरूप-विस्तार किया,
डगमग-डगमग दिग्गज डोले, भगवान् कुपित होकर बोले-
‘जंजीर बढ़ा कर साध मुझे,
हाँ, हाँ दुर्योधन! बाँध मुझे।

यह देख, गगन मुझमें लय है, यह देख, पवन मुझमें लय है,
मुझमें विलीन झंकार सकल, मुझमें लय है संसार सकल।

सब जन्म मुझी से पाते हैं,
फिर लौट मुझी में आते हैं।

यह देख जगत का आदि-अन्त, यह देख, महाभारत का रण,

मृतकों से पटी हुई भू है,
पहचान, कहाँ इसमें तू है।

  1. Comprehend that the world must really be round. Try searching for Karna on my blog. Probably I might have written about him before?
  2. Valmont comes up.
  3. PART the FIRSTbar
  1. …being a succinct and modern adaptation of the blackest of all fairy tales — the most pernicious of all volumes of correspondence — and the most depraved of all soap operas. What follows is a melted-down, essential extract of Laclos’ loquacious (yet oh-so-fabulous) one-hit-wonder of 1784. The poetic license taken in this abridgement is dubious, for while it’s perhaps in poor artistic taste to sum up a brilliantly penned four page letter from Valmont to Tourvel by saying, “But I reeeeeealy love you!” — that’s really all that was said!— bon aventure, m.d.d.
  2. Reach a hip reading list How do I know if this reading list is right for me? The fact that you’re reading this is a good argument in itself. But further, if you answer yes to one or more of the following criteria, then we think you’ll find the below selections inspirational:
    • When watching a movie or reading a tragical book, you always find yourself rooting for an inappropriate character.
    • You used to write dismal poetry, and still have it tucked away in some drawer, though you’d sooner die than have it read.
    • You gain spiritual & sexual gratification from reading about the depravities of your ancestors.
    • Out of a childlike sense wonder, you reach out and touch a Van Gogh when security isn’t looking, thereby leaving a fingerprint in the still tacky paint for posterity.
  3. Search for Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Find nothing for a while, and then, this delightful shorty comes up,

Kind of confused about what to post about now. The only thing I can see of myself here is the connections in the head.

P.S. Complete audio rendition of Rashmirathi. And scanned copy of the text (parts). Links here.

This part used to be as popular in elocution contests as was Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears speech by Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar. Both involved vigorous hand movements and were done to death by excited schoolboys (as an icon of emotional rhetoric, or so wikipedia tells me), all in different tones and tenors.

Three scanned pages from here.

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