Moments in Cinema, 2009 – Dev D

Was thinking about the Raja Sen list of 9 songs from 2009. I was thinking of making a similar list. However, I did not want to limit my list to a medium as such.  Here’s my list of favourite moments of my life in 2009 with cinema.

Before Dev D had released in Feb this year (Feb 6th, just checked), my life was in search of something to get crazy about. The hated job, the new empty city, long distance relationship, the sheer hard work of it without any of the poetry expected of life. I remember having been extremely looking forward to the friday release, especially since it was Anurag Kashyap. I knew there was a perverse joke in there somewhere waiting for me. Some quote by Abhay Deol was stuck in my head. “Everyone had been ribbing Anurag about why does he always makes movies about serious stuff and all. Why doesn’t he make a love story? Well, Dev D is Anurag making a love story.”

Some fuckup had happened opening Friday, movie not released in Fame Adlabs. Only PVR had got rights, and single screens. I took a long detour from office to catch the opening night show (and having restrained self from reading about it through the day). I spent Rs. 2400 on alcohol the next three days. Most of it vodka bottles. Bought and took home and drank, mostly neat or by making them pretty. Till then, vodka was something that girls drank. I remember making myself a hell of a lot of black russians. No, but that was much later. The opening night was just plain simple passed out on floor, messed up inebriated and stoned, and yet the thinking ablaze, the ipod on through the night at high volumes. Friday night. Over the next three days, I was to see it three more times. Sat night. Sun night. Monday office. Home. Tuesday sick. Off from work. Dev D night show. I was to see it on Friday again. In 3 different theatres around calcutta.

Amit Trivedi had been a peripheral figure in life just before watching the film. After the first nightshow (when I remember listening to “Kahan Chali Gayi Hai Khushi” ), there forever is a Playlist that he conducts through on my ipod. “Emotional Atyachaar – The Rock Version” was the final touch that nailed it. They made a rock version AFTER they made the excellent dil se dehati version of Emosanal atyachaar. Emo Nasal atyachaar to a level that hindi couldn’t have dreamed of.

I just however couldn’t figure it out through each of my visits to the theatre, just what the fuck is it about this movie had been affecting me so much. Coz it was. I was more emotionally affected by Dev D as a film than I have ever been of any film. I do not have the same feelings about it now that I see it, but that could be perhaps I have sucked them off any possibility of emotional upheavals. But what was it? What was that one thing about Dev D? The One. The Reason, if you prefer to call it.

Scientific technique followed while coming to this highly subjective decision. I separated the film into two halves. I made sure from the second viewing, all odds were covered.

Friday night.
0. No reading (first viewing) No classification. Stoned.

Saturday morning, I wrote (or assembled) Dev D will Burn You.

Saturday night.

1. First reading (second viewing) 1st Half Stoned : 2nd Half Not

Sunday night

2. Second reading (third viewing) 1st Half Not:2nd Half Stoned

Monday office. Wrote Emotional Atyachaar – Dev D Scorches a whole lot of conspiracy theories in this one.

Tuesday at home. Tuesday evening.

3. Third reading (forth viewing) 1st Half Stoned:2nd Half Stoned

Wednesday office. Wrote Morning After: Updates on a tortured body and soul experience

From the post:

Update: This hangover lasted 60 hours after the last drop of alcohol I had.

On Thursday, I wrote 25 Random things from my head

Friday night.
4. Forth reading (fifth viewing) 1st Half Not Stoned:2nd Half Not Stoned

Saturday, I wrote Beginning a Night

From the post,

The first 38 seconds of Emotional Atyachaar is an incredible build up to what happens later. The whole song is like literally going through the fear of having to live through another night.

And it screamed out to me.

All of it, the entire fanboyness, the crazy rockstar music, the Last Man Standing Abhay Deol, the crazy set of characters, the dancers, the mysticism of it all culminated in that one moment.

The Pardesi Sequence.

Altaf Raja could not have dreamed it. Chunnilal couldn’t, as he admitted later in the “Making of” part of the dvd while talking about the sequence. Danny Boyle should have received a Tech Oscar just for suggesting the usage of the body attachable camera.

I realized later what the perverse joke was.

Dev D was  Anurag Kashyap’s idea of a musical. He uses the songs as background score. Not as Ruk jao bhaia, let me dance around crazily a bit.

But Ah, Pardesi! How could you imagine to shoot a song which is a built up peppy rajasthani folk melody?

As this post on PFC put up about favourite moments in Dev D by a fan

I list 5 sequences….My Top-5 cinematic moments from Dev.D which lasted long after I saw those inverted/tilted end-credits!

1) This one comes with the ‘Pardesi’ track, and its all about technical finesse and unimaginable visual imagery which doesn’t stop at unsettling realism, Dev dopes and the movie makes sure audience doesn’t feel left out :- We’re lead into a dark room, the fluorescent texts on wall read “LOADING.PLEASE WAIT”, the dancing trio, begins another phenomenal track and then comes the moment. Instantaneously reminded me of how McGregor depicts it in Trainspotting “Take the best orgasm you ever had, multiply it by 1000 and you are still nowhere near it” – Its not to cast aspersions or portrait the drug addicts by broad simplistic strokes, or otherwise – Just a pulsatingly addictive moment!!

Drink. Swing. Drink Swing. The whole screen is high!

Meetha sa chadha hai bukhaar

Thank you Anurag. And you got the face inside water to depict high routine finally right.

(More moments coming up! Discovering Kakihara. And the most pulsating words put to music this year include “Eaat my dosaaa or diiiie”, and “I’m this dude, playing this other dude disguised as this other dude. And more.)

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