Fan Mail!

Have been thrilled to receive two awesome comments this Saturday morning on my blogs. One was here itself, on the About section,

You seem to be an assholistic vampire shit condom failure , right?

And the other on To be or not To Be,

I somehow reached your blogger blog thru the DevD post.. I had heard that a blog can be a man’s diary.. but your blog.. fuck! 500 odd posts.. and it had me hooked like a moth to a bulb..

Been reading and reading.. laughing intermittently at your quirks.. I don’t know.. I have never spent so much time on a blog before.. so am utterly confused.. fanboy? I guess not..
But have never seen someone spilling (parts of) their heart out on their blog..

Almost everybody I’ve read so far, write for an audience.. but you don’t(or so I deduce)..

Have made it to March so far.. not sure if I will last long.. but this was one nightout I won’t regret.. for strange strange reasons..

*and that follow friday thank you wasn’t even referring to this blog.. I discovered it later… damn*

All said, insane stuff.!

Cheers! 😀


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