Transmetropolitan, Issue #01

A pdf link BY DC comics


Spider Jerusalem

Transmetropolitan SpiderJerusalem.jpg

Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan issue #32, p.17. Art by Darick Robertson

Publication information
Publisher DC Comics, Vertigo imprint
First appearance Transmetropolitan #1
Created by Warren Ellis
Darick Robertson
In-story information
Full name Spider Django Heraclitus Jerusalem
Abilities Skilled fighter and writer
Armed with many forms of lethal and non-lethal weaponry
War-hardened journalist knowledgeable in many information-gathering techniques

Spider Jerusalem, main character of the series, gonzo journalist extraordinaire. Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, and the spiritual cousin to Doonesbury‘s “Uncle Duke.” His early, unshaved appearance may also be a direct reference to fellow comic author Alan Moore.

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