What is your favourite OST of the year? Yes yes, I know Dev D. What beyond that?

There ain’t no fucking Matrix here, or MI1 or 2. Or Swordfish. But hell we’re talking 2009 here, ain’t we? That miserable piss of a year.

One of the smartest ideas someone had this year was to set dialogues like “Eaaaaaat my dosaaaaa or dieeeee” to music. Without doubt, the dialogue mix of Quick Gun Murugan is 2009’s gift to tracklists. As is The Crystal Method’s Name of the Game – set to the dialogues of Tropic Thunder. Thunder is so damn addictive, I want to carry it with me in the pocket. To be able to refer to it like I have seen Pulp Fiction. And Swordfish. Hundreds of little times. To seek out little scenes and watch it over and over and over again. Haven’t done that with Tropic Thunder coz I keep feeling it will lose it’s magic. Also my ipod doesn’t take video. And my laptop is a fucking heap of shit.

But to be able to hear “You must put those boys into SHITTT””Let’s make the greatest war movie EVERRRR” ” I’m a lead farmer, motherfucker”
“Mother Nature just pisssed her pantsuits” and “I know who I am. I’m a dude playing this other dude disguised as another dude.” right on the way to office early morning shapes my life. Yes it does.

As does Arambh Hai Prachand. It has provided meaning to many red eyed mornings to office when the requisite veer ras was injected in the air and ear through the hunkaars. And of course, Sheher from Gulaal has taken care of the many red nights.

“Raat badi toofani kati kay?”

“Welcome hai ji, apna hi garage hai” Oye lucky Lucky Oye released in Dec last year the day the terrorists hit Bombay. It’s cheerfulness at the utter mess is so 2009 however.

And of Dev D, there is of course Pardesi, Duniya, and Saali Khushi. But everything is fucking beaten by that cracker of a track in Emotional Atyachaar.

If only because the scream that permeates through the song is Anurag Kashyap’s.

Fuckin 2009

जिस कवि ki कल्पना में ज़िन्दगी हो प्रेम गीत, उस कवि को तुम आज नकार दो
– From Aarambh hai Prachand, Gulaal

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