Tweets you missed on Sunday Night

The Yatra ad has a subliminal message in it. This is what is called adding subliminal messages to your brain through advertising. That hand swish motion that Boman Irani makes is what is ingrained over a generation of older indians as airtravel. And the ad has attached that to Yatra. Brilliant.

Watching the Spice Girls thing they have stitched up on Discovery Travel & Living. It is brilliant! 70 flights a year.

Just asked the girlfriend on the phone if we’ll have beer in the fridge after we get married.  She says, “beer in  the fridge and grass in the cupboard”. Ah. We are redefining the genre, I say.

Watching Green Street Hooligans, suggested by the better half, and am totally freaked by this fight sequence. Geek that I am, it has immediately made a Top 5 Movie continuous fight sequences and this one has got right into it. The camera keeps shaking all over the scene, and the end result is something that leaves you just breathless. Yes, the 300 fight sequence- the first push, the Old boy fight sequence – in the corridor, the Fight Club sequence in the basement.

Monday seems far far away.

Sunday, 22:36 pm

23:44 pm Still watching Green Street Hooligans. It is brilliant. Have never seen anything like it. British as british can be. Wasn’t I talking about Guy Ritchie all day earlier today? That’s fuckin weird.

Loaded up on a lot of vodka today. In the kitchen that is. Not in me, it ain’t in yet.

Anjeer ice cream and chips. I am really letting myself go here now, ain’t I?

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