Stoned Films

I had toyed with the idea some time back of doing a series called The Stoned reviewer. Fancy way of saying it.

Coz it is sort of weird how nobody in main stream media really notices this ‘high’ talk around. If they do notice it, they sort of pretend that they do not. Ah well, he might be an extreme weirdo, is what you are thinking.


#UpamanyuChatterjeeForPresident has said it over two books.

Bah, but we dither.

The genre of Stoner Films limits the genre into a very limited category. The doh ha ha funny characters when stoned is well nice, no doubts about it. But that doesn’t quite half cover “Movies you should watch when stoned.”

No one talks about the huge number of options of stoned films – Unrelated scene from The Big Lebowski

Coz well, music is easy, you know. Everyone gets a strain, and they stick by it through their lifetimes. A little of jumping here and there, but Elvis stays inside the building. Basically.

So you will add a Babam Bhole by Kailash Kher. And Angry Cockroaches by Tito & The Tarantula. Constantly changing the Tandav List, to borrow the terminology. Even random playlists work brilliantly.

But movies, ah. Totally different. Nobody talks about the movies you DEFINITELY should watch stoned.

Stoner Films by definition are about characters who are on screen and stoned. And then what happens to them. Traditionally, this has included a lot of silly comedies. This genre, the “What could happen to you while you are stoned”  is however a very different trippy genre today.

13 Tzameti is a brilliant example. Dev D, in it’s flawed entirety, was another. The Wrestler, the mindblowing Micky ‘Marv’ Rourke. You become the character inside the story. The Wrestler, incidentally is the movie I have felt closest to being inside a 3D video game, and playing as the central character. Since that character is played by a guy like Rourke, it is like discovering that body, those pains, that blood from you. And THAT is what is so freaky!

See, that is the difference between Dev D and No Smoking. The first is a “What could happen when you are stoned” genre. The latter IS a “Stoner Movie“. We need a new name for that. Right? How about Stoned films?


This is also a major reason why Anurag Kashyap is confused about all the adulation that came his way while he made Dev D. That was his “fun film”. And the ones he had put so much of himself in, like No Smoking, Gulaal, Black Friday. None got a fraction of the response that Dev D did. As a film-maker, you would always put a stoned film at a higher pedestal than a stoner film

My list?

Off the top of my mind.

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Old Boy
  3. American Beauty
  4. Ichi the Killer
  5. Memento
  6. In the Mood for love
  7. Apocalypse Now
  8. The Chaser
  9. Fargo
  10. The Dark Knight
  11. The Machinist

(I also just realized that No. 8’s name might be mistaken as a pun, Chaser, for a stoned film. Ha Ha, but seriously. MUST WATCH. It WILL freak you out.)

As a cautionary warning, all stoned movies’ lists definitely carry a warning film NOT to watch when you are stoned. That being Requiem for a Dream. That is not even a joke or a dare. DO NOT WATCH IT WHEN STONED. I have, and I do not have pleasant memories of that trip.


More to come later.


List of films containing frequent marijuana usage

More importantly, a very good list of Stoner films.

N00bs, to start here, however. A Top 10 Stoner list, which I very closely agree to.

The Big Lebowski

Not to belabour the point further, that these lists are StonER film lists. Not Stoned Films – which are movies that you DEFINITELY should watch when stoned.

A decent comment board with Favourite Movies to watch while stoned

Also, proof that Wikipedia’s Psychological Thriller Film List is very close to my Stoned Films list. As in the same basic funda.

Which are YOUR Stoned films?

5 thoughts on “Stoned Films

  1. Yaar, samjha nahin. You are saying that a film-maker puts his stoned films above his stoner films. And then saying, AK put No Smoking (a stoner film) above DevD (a stoned film). Are you saying that AK is just screwed that way? Waise, I love the distinction you have made between the two types. But I saw DevD stoned, and it was a very good watch nevertheless, which goes against the theory that no “stoned” movie should be seen stoned.

    • Dev D is a STONER film. What could happen to you while you were stoned. No Smoking is a STONED film. You got the concept right. But mistake in the two.

      And there ain’t no theory about no stoned movie being seen stoned. Where did I say that?

      Geez, read it all again, will you?

  2. Love love love the last poster of Big Lebowski. The green in her toe-nails looks really really good against the sepia background. 🙂 I think I shall steal that one.

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