Inspiration Strikes at that time of the night

Right now. Essential to explain. Been writing this* article a while. But it has finally come to the point in the (thursday) night when two joints, one kingfisher strong  beer bottle, and two large whiskys with coke  (coca cola, #clarification) down, the song Cherry’s dance of death by Chingon from OST Planet Terror by the absolutely crazy jaat Robert Rodriguez comes up on your ipod. How can you not stop and just die? Sigh!

I honestly truly am crazy about every single piece of music Robert Rodriguez has put in his movies. I just cannot get enough of his From Dusk Till Dawn OST. And by association, Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill has been forever in countless cds and dvds written over hostel moves, and in countless ipod lists since.

Angry Cockroackes is fast becoming that!

It really helps if Angry cockroaches is the next song in the playlist.

Cucarachas enojadas
Fumando Marijuana
Buscando una Fiesta
Y un kilo de Coc-a

Cucarachas fumando

Over and over and over and over again. English translation?

Angry Cockroaches
Smoking Marijuana
Looking for another party
And a kilo of Coc-a

Smoking roaches

Over and over and over again. The youtube audio describes it in two apt words. Heavy Sound

* The this link to be updated in a while

Link Updated for the article.

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