High SMS 2009

Om Namah Shivay! Just rode into a very cold wind wearing just a shirt, totally stoned. New way of getting fucked experience.

16/12/09 22:04

Om Namah Shivay! Grass is best when you have so many ready made joints with you that you never have to think about when to light one.

17/12/09 21:01

Om Namah Shivay! Now I know why is Shivji always stoned. You never get the bigger picture unless you are stoned!

19/12/09 14:23

Om Namah Shivay! Going to be driving into the cold wind listening to Tandoori Nights right now.

19/12/09 20:59

(On having a really fucked up day to look forward to, and just one joint)

Then best option is at 2 o’ clock. One joint, one fucked up day to go through, the 2 o’clock funda. Keeps you interested through the morning, and not caring later.

21/12/09 12:06

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