3 thoughts on “You’re going in the book

  1. Deathproof is a killer movie. Not a fan of Robert Rodriguez’s counterpart though. Too ‘in your face’ and cheesy.
    Deathproof suffers from pre-assumption and judgement of its plot, which is terrible on the viewer’s part. Pathetic!

    • I started that way too. Saw DeathProof way before I saw Planet Terror, the Robert Rodriguez film. But when I did, I got really blown away. A little while later, I saw one of his older classics, From Dusk Till Dawn, which in my humble opinion is as cult a film as Reservoir Dogs. In a different way, of course. The appreciation for Robert Rodriguez works from considering the background of the guy.


      Think of RR as the delhi cousin. The loud mouthed, absolutely cool, I know it and suck this attitude. There is no equivalent to him in the industry. Not even QT. The cheesiness and “in your face” is PART of the lure.

  2. My views on QT and RR and TOTALLY different. QT, for me, is a ‘homage paying’ director, and more of a script writer than a director. You look at all of his movies, and the ‘set and setting’ is always a homage to some cult genre flick/classic, with the mere change only being the wordplay. Basically QT is the one who put the ‘cult’ genre into mainstream liking, which is something even Kubrick or Paul Thomas Anderson (my all time fav director) could not achieve, even so, after trying way too hard.

    RR, on the other hand, (and I ‘blame’ this on simple human unique perspective personality), does things in way on he himself can tag to. I get his movies, his style (atleast I think so!), but I dont think I enjoy his movies, frankly. Even Sin City! People say I’m mad, but thats just me!

    I will give your ‘Fascination for the RR way’ post a read, and see if it can altogether give me a new perspective.

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