Is the noise in my head?

12:35 am. Lights off since the last 3-4 hours. I like it this way. However, a generator, a loud generator. On  the road below. On a truck. Some construction, drilling work happening.

Deafening noise. Can’t talk on the phone. Can’t listen to music. Cannot hear myself think.

Twitter. Ugh. A playground I normally would go round to only when I am feeling full of myself. Not in self pity mode.

Tch. Old Monk with Lipton Iced tea satchets and cold water.

Pleasant breezy night though. Gets extremely hot through the day. Very low pressure area during the day. Which is why almost violent winds blow in through the night.

My head’s painful.

It is Monday night. And I am in Calcutta.

4 thoughts on “Is the noise in my head?

  1. So you stay in Cal? (It’s the bong curiosity rising in me)

    And you should write a book (or have you done that already?) You have a way with words, descriptions, detailing etc.

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