Hangover – Chapter Thursday

Today is not even a bhainchod off at work today. After last night’s orgiastic drunken frenzy at office last night (it is weird how I am writing that sing song way Today is…..today. Last night … last night. Do these patterns suggest anything to you, Le Doctor?), everyone is still here before me.

Late to office again today and I come in with the entire place scrubbed and shining. This table, the gleaming white top right now was a mess of spilt sauces, various forms of non vegetarian spillage, alcohol, ice, and a lot of people just sitting around with around over in chairs. Right now, it is spotless. As if that never happened.

Everyone around looks scruffy though. That droopy tired old man. This sleeping associate. But then they look like that everyday.

Feel like in one of those roman camps (from Asterix)  the next morning after some other dignitary arrives. Morning after that is, of the bashup that happened the previous night. “Baadh aayi, sab baha le gayee.Lute pite log“. And the roman officer talking talking talking, and one legionary biting his hat out with the hangover that says, “Jo karna hai kar lo mere saath, jo bhi kar lo, bas chup ho jao!” (Do what you have to, but please oh please shut UP).

Imagine a whole lot of such men dealing with PMSing women.


2 thoughts on “Hangover – Chapter Thursday

  1. you have a lot of good stuff in your blog!.. I thoroughly enjoyed whatever I read, and I intend to read more.. 🙂

    Although, there were parts I did not totally comprehend, but I think that is the way it should be in a blog.

    • Thank you! The blog is gonzo. The writings are a part of me, and I am part of the writings. So there were parts that you did not comprehend coz you have gone through the thought flow the first time. I do a lot of #ConnectionsInMyMind blogging too. How things seem connected in my head at a point of time. A sort of recording it.


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