For the record

You may be impressed by a co-worker’s level of commitment today, even if you have your own plan that’s different from everyone else’s. But as you enter into a debate with those who oppose your ideas, your frustration can outweigh any admiration you might have had. You would be smart to keep an open mind as you discuss the merits of the various strategies before you, but this doesn’t mean you should consider negotiating away your core values.


You may be rather fixed now about how you see your future, and are willing to make changes in a relationship in order to bring it into alignment with your goals. Needless to say, this requires the cooperation of someone else. Although others can sound sincere as they acknowledge your needs, their actions might not be as supportive as their words. Don’t expect too much or you could easily slip into playing the blame game. Even in the best-case scenario, transformation will take time.

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