Readings from Hell’s Angels

Meet the Hell's Angels,a gang of motorcycle hoodlums

Hunter S Thompson spent a year with this gang just when they are about getting ready to be the most notorious gang of motorcycle outlaws in history.

Right. A year.

Writing a book.

This book. Hell’s Angels.

I have read from the last paragraph of Page 22-26. Split by a 5 min recording limit. There are words that have been garbled up, because the recording was online. Also the voice sounds kind of weird because of an early morning waking up. Been also accused of sounding south indian.

But Bah.

Hunter is talking about a particular scenario in which the Angels were accused of a heinous rape conducted apparently during their routine runs. From normal interviews, newspaper pickings, and his own sound logical reasoning, see how he changes the reader’s perception of what happened to what was stuck in the public mind. Ideally an editor would have wanted to start this story with this picture.

Nothing grabs an editor's eye like a good rape - HST

But never mind.Here you go.

Reading from Hell’s Angels

Enjoy. And leave a comment.

The Colors - Literally the Hell's Angels piece of writing on the rider's back. Called "Colors" of the rider

2 thoughts on “Readings from Hell’s Angels

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  2. Girl on a Motorcycle. Alain Delon. Marianne Faithfull. Dir. Jack Cardiff.

    Elektra Glide in Blue. Robert Blake

    Easy Rider. Peter Fonda

    Motorcycle Diaries. Gael Garcia Bernal *big sigh*

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