An old friend on phone.From B school.Giving me #TrueGyaan abt myself.

“Basically what you want from life is Nirvana.”

“Tu 9 to 5 kaam karne wala aadmi hi nahi hai.Tu Goa jaa ke ek shack khol le.”  (You’re clearly not a 9 to 5 worker guy. Move to Goa and open a shack) #BSchoolFantasies #TelephoneGyaan

Oh that Nirvana expectation from life & jobs thing is #TrueStory.We were discussing what kind of expectations we had from jobs.

“What is the fucking definition of interesting yaar? Me: That which interests you is interesting.”

“Get a life yaar. Seriously. Find happiness first.” #TryingToCoaxMeToGetMarried

“If anybody compiles a list of accomplishments in last 5 years,you would at the bottom of the list amongst your batchmates.”

“Maine kitni baar bola hai tere ko,tu mat samajh main intelligent hun.Tu bol chutiya hun main.U are a loser.Reality samajh life ki” (I have told you enough number of times, don’t consider yourself intelligent. Tell yourself, “I’m a dumbass. You are a loser. Understand the reality of life.)

“Get a grip over life.You just speak well.Bas.Aur jo logon se tu internet par baat karta hai na,wo bhi teri tarah hain, they also confuse internet life with real life.That is not life. Deeds are life! Getting things done is life. Thinking is not life.” (Get a grip over life, you just speak well, that’s all. And the people you talk to, on the internet, they are under the same illusion. They confuse internet life with real life too. That isn’t. Deeds are life! Getting things done is life. Just thinking doesn’t make a life)

“Tune kabhi kisi intelligent aadmi ke saath ek logical discussion kiya hai?If you cant convince the person,you will get angry at him” (Have you ever had a logical discussion with a sane, intelligent person? You wouldn’t have, because if you cannot convince a person, you will get angry at him)

“Agar koi tujhse agree nahi karta,to tu keh dega ki wo chutiya hai.Tujhe really lagega ki wo chutiya hai.Reality hai ye.” (If someone does not agree with you, you will get frustrated with him, you will tell him he is a dumbass. You will really feel that he is a dumbass. That is the reality!)

“You are living in a superficial world where you feel you are a stud. Tune kabhi kisi psychologist se baat kari hai?” (Have you ever talked to a psychologist?)

“The only thing you do is seek out witty and interesting people to talk to. And then you get bored of them. Where will it lead to?”

“Think of your parents. Your mom, your dad, your sister. No one is happy with you. Do you not feel ashamed?”

“Me: You have a good day too!”

#Wordoftheday: OBDURATE. Pronunciation:OB-doo-rit. Meaning: adjective:

1. Stubborn: not easily moved. 2. Hard-hearted: resistant to emotions.

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7 thoughts on “Voices

  1. Your friend probably needs to realize that we’re all living in the Matrix. Its our choice, and its the ‘real’ world. 🙂

  2. There are some truths in what your friend says. It’s just selective interpretation. To each his own I guess. But I like some of the shit your friend says. There are some gems in there.


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