Reactions to a bigdick


WARNING: For Adults Only. This is hardcore porn.

The following porn clip(s) qualify as excellent gonzo cinema. And work extremely well in showing that no amount of highly tuned fiction can turn out stranger (and better entertainment, since that is the whole point) than the real stuff.

It is taken from here. It is an amateur clip showing a couple (girl and boyfriend) getting it on with a black guy that they met through craigslist. Read below.

Here at Fuzzy’s 100% Homemade IR thread we always like to deliver quality and variety…so how is this for something different? It started off with a craigslist advert:

“Hot jewish girlfriend needs a well-endowed fella to give it to her good. I only want to watch as she is pleasured by a bigger, more robust man than me.

NOTE!!!: We are very serious, if you are a single male, do not contact us unless you are black, over 8 inches, or very muscular (not body-builder status, but close) …and even if you’re black, we’d prefer you be over 8 inches, sorry.

We are also open to females and couples as well. She has a thing for hot blondes. We love to play with hot bi girls or lesbians, and are well-versed in the language of the threesome.

My Ideal Person: A hung black male over 6 feet tall, at least 8 inches and thick, and well muscled to pound my girl’s tight pussy all night!


A sexy bi-female to get spoiled rotten by both of us.”

Nobody could imagine the results. Not the permissive videotaping boyfriend. Nor I suppose the girl herself. She certainly got more than what she bargained for.

I love it when her boyfriend turns to her and says that he is having second thoughts – she replies “what are you talking about?” and then continues fucking her black lover!!!!

Download Part One (Part one has pictures of the girl and the boyfriend which were apparently posted along with the above ad) – 5 MB

Download Part Two (Part two features the #Epic Second Thoughts dialogue) – 12.9 MB

Download Part Three21.5 MB

Download Part Four37.8 MB

Each of the four videos are separate files and can be played independently. However, it helps to download the whole thing. No funny business here, no viruses nothing. I have not added screenshots coz this is hardcore porn, and if you are interested, you can always go here and check it out.

The beauty of this however is the sound. You need to hear the dialogues. And the screams (beta, ye to khushi ke aansoo hain).

And if you like this, it is your moral responsibility to talk about it without going Hawww over it.

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