Pyaar hi zindagi hai

I was thinking about something random when the auto driver started laughing hysterically. I asked him what was up? He showed me the auto infront where written in large friendly letters was the quote

Pyaar hi zindagi hai (Love is Life)

It took a while for his chuckles to die down, and his laughter was so infectious, I couldn’t help smiling.

Then he said (verbatim), Likha hai Pyaar hi zindagi hai! Saala jo pyaar kiya hai ussey poocho kya condition hai (Says love is life! Ask someone who has been in love, ask him what his condition is.)

Aajkal saab, pyaar se kisi se do shabd nahi bol sakte. Sab uska advantage lete hain. Gharwaali se pyaar se baat karo to sar pe chadh jaati hai. (These days, one can’t talk with love to anyone. Everyone takes advantage of it. You talk to even your wife with gentleness and love, and that would go to her head.)

I told him I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Love is Life is Wisdom (Gyaan)

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