The 2010 random thoughts sieve

I have been off twitter for a while to collect my thoughts (otherwise I tend to shoot them off one-by-one, in a beta stage, if you may). What a beautiful idiom actually! I have been reading Hunter S. Thompson again. One of the two HTS books I picked up from Blossoms this time around in Bangalore (of a total of six, the rest are irvine welsh, dorothy parker, a hemingway reader, and a book on the Boston Strangler), Songs of the Doomed. It is a collection of random works of his through a period, a short story, a diary entry, a letter or two, all kinds of articles. Like a blog basically. The more I read of Hunter, the more he feels human. Also, as I get older, the more I identify with what exactly does Hunter feel through time. That scares me a lot. I have always liked Hunter and hoped all through for him to be a superhero (superhuman, more like Spider Jerusalem, Gonzo journalist extraordinaire, a character reportedly based on him in Transmetropolitan). But the more human he seems, the more I feel unsettled (winter thoughts).

I was reading a half finished article turned journal entry from February 16-19, 1969 – First visit with Mescalito, which is exactly what it claims to be. If this is not Stream of consciousness writing, tell me what is.

And to think I had started collecting those damn thoughts to assemble a year end thing post. I used to listen to the ipod much more last year this time. My lights would be dimmed or switched altogether off by evening. A hell of a lot less twitter for sure (now)(i hope!). Was in a different city. In a different relationship. In a different job. In a different way of life. Was coming to think of it one of these evenings (“Come to think of it..”) that I have travelled much through the year too. To calm my honest “Please collect a correct sample size” researcher instincts, I assembled a quick Bollywood soundtrack of the year. (On my ipod too, yes.)

  • Love Sex aur Dhokha (L.S.D.)- Kailash Kher, by God! When Kailash Kher is charged up and having fun, there is none like him to set a song on fire! The whole album infact had such a gonzo feel to it, exactly how the movie needed them to be, and they were each perfect little beauties! The soundtrack of the year!
  • Dil to Bachha hai ji (Ishqiya)- For the oh simplicity! And for putting Naseeruddin in such a pleasant visual with the soundtrack 🙂
  • Munni Badnaam huyi  (Dabangg) – Salman in the best character of the year, gyrating on the signature tune of the year!
  • Mehngayee Dayan (Peepli Live)- Khaye gayee bhaiya, khaye gayee!
  • Gal Mitthi mitthi bol (Aisha)- I think of all those pretty people dressed in the fineries in the heat while trying to film this song over three days and hearing this song over and over again, I feel sorry for the song. (It’s okay, you are safe here. I have hidden you between Amir Khan & Rani Mukherjee.)
  • Aali Re (No One Killed Jessica)- Such female adrenaline blowing through the song, it rushes through!
  • Mann Lafangga (Lafangey Parindey) – Through the rains in Bombay, this was the song I would return to again and again.

I would have included a Himesh song as well, if I did not fear for my life.

One tends to be kinder to the time gone at the end of the year, eventually ending up on a Humra bhi saal thikke thaa! – I didn’t have that bad a year. While planning for the next, one tends to be quite harsh and extreme. Just a thought. No, that is not an assessment (oh, has two asses) of the year, not yet. Thoughts still being collected and sieved and filtered.

Enough for the day.

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