Been some time since I just posted a Dilbert clip as a post, but this one so succinctly sums up my boss, and comes at such an astute time that I couldn’t help posting it.

Motivational Exercises

The hoot is when my boss is genuinely angry and confused when people don’t react to her doing the try hard bonhomie as positive (while she continues to be a bitch infront of you on other occasions), because in her own sweet head, she’s taking in all this dirt (of actually interacting with the natives) just for the job, oh my!

Post my resignation, one of the things she tells the HR in-front of me is

“I can’t believe someone is talking to me this way. Do all Indians* talk this way, this unprofessional, this rude?”

(I had mentioned to her face when asked for a reason why I wanted to quit. That I did not want to continue working in the company because working with you and the company has given me a very bad taste in my mouth. She had bubbled over with froth from that moment on. A loss of control setback clearly visible. She hadn’t expected it, because all this while, like the boss in the dilbert strip above, she kept believing that she is connecting with me on a very human level and that is my prize! )

She stays in a prize locality in Bombay, commutes by a chauffeur driven BMW, which takes her about 20-25 min office commute time. But she cribs of the Bombay life every single day. Even in-front of her team members who regularly take the train, and take anywhere from 3-3.5 hours everyday for the same office-home commute. Very irritated and piqued during an office dinner when she repeated the story again, I asked whether she knew that there was a person in her team that commuted about 3.5 hours to and from his house in New Bombay to reach the same office? My endeavor had been to hint that it was rude of her to keep uttering the 20min office commute taking 35 mins because of traffic crib story in-front of people who routinely put up with way more than what she does.

Her reply was looking at me and asking me, with a genuinely confused expression, “Why does he work for our company then?”

Very disconnected from how things work. Of what works for the people who work for her. Of employee’s motivations. A daily whine of oh, i don’t know what it is about Indian clients, or employees, what do these savages know. The point to underline here is that her indignation when I react expecting something for myself beyond what she benevolently doles out is genuine.

Looks at me now as if I am Mangal Pandey!

Yes, quite whimsical of me to attach pictures of the movie Mangal Pandey here, and quite revealing of self’s attitude towards the said resignation. I do think Aamir Khan looked quite fabulous in the film though.

*Oh, and she is an Indian. Worked for about a decade out of India, and now feels pathetic to be back amongst the natives.

Note: My resignation wasn’t because of any of the above.

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