Wolverine Covers

Wolverine is my favorite comic book character. Having Wolverine as your favorite character entails fascination with a bigger franchise, the X men, and the millions of ways artists have sketched Wolverine, before Hugh Jackman murdered him on screen (I detest Hugh Jackman!). They are all interesting things, and the origin story is fascinating and everything, but that is not my favorite bit of Wolverine. I like the Weapon X back-story, it gives it a Ramboesque flavor, of self doubt as well, but I absolutely detest the Weapon X suit/costume thing.

Logan possesses memories of being a Samurai in Japan, a mercenary operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, and a “wild man” in the Canadian wilderness. Due to extensive memory implants given to Logan through the Weapon X program, any or all of these memories are suspect.

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For me, being Logan is being a man’s man! He is unabashedly and completely male.You look up to him expecting him to be the bastard that you should be.

Her mistake

He is a biker, rides along to clear his mind. And rides a respectable Harley!

No fuss rider

He is a loner. He is indestructible but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the pain.

Everytime he draws these, to hurt others, he first hurts himself, those adamantium claws cut first through his skin. It regenerates, but he feels the pain

He is in one of two moods, brooding guilt over the eternal Am I a man or animal? or naked rage. How comforting is that!

Has the brooding look down pat!

There is no second guessing how he would react to being cornered, no strategies.

We all know what happens next

I, as a fan always see him, just around the wall, with the poor fuck on the other side having no idea what is going to hit his world just now.

Frozen across time

He’s the Clint Eastwood of the comic book world.

Wolverine, Clint Eastwood.

His thoughts are simple, and you can read them as you go along.


He’s pained by guilt but unconcerned about morality.

Actions always speak louder than words

A fan puts it into much better words than this blog post is striving for:

From the nostalgia spot,

For my generation, he was probably the most popular superhero of my youth.  I find it curious that he came to occupy such a place.  Wolverine couldn’t fly, stick to walls, or shoot lasers out of his eyes.  He wasn’t a vigilante out fighting for justice like many other heroes, didn’t have an alter-ego, or a ton of money.  He’s a guy with blades extending from his fists.  Sure he’s more complex than that, but show someone an image of Wolverine and that’s what they see.  They don’t know about the regenerative capabilities, the bad ass nature, the unbreakable skeleton.  They just see a guy in brightly colored spandex with some knives attached to his gloves.

What probably attracted me to Wolverine at first was his attitude.  My first introduction to the character was through the 1990′s X-Men cartoon (my season 3 posts are coming!) where it was established early on that Wolverine has his own set of rules.  He doesn’t like taking orders, goes where he wants to go, and is even prone to wild mood swings.  He’s also fiercely loyal to his friends and their cause and is sometimes seen in a protector mode, though he’d probably be loathe to admit it.  And even though the censors presented an obvious obstacle, the writers and directors of the show were able to portray him as a savage brawler when provoked.

His barely concealed glee is in answer to the question "I am guessing the people who shot at you are dead by now?"

He knows what he is doing but does not complicate things too much,

Perfectly Calm

He is the discerning woman’s wet nightmare,


But he’s a guy. A guy’s guy.

Logan's girlfriend gives him the news

In a very weird way, Logan can out-drink anyone to drown his liver (but of course, it regenerates), he smokes a cigar (because of course, his lungs regenerate), he doesn’t think before attacking, because no matter what he does wrong, he can regenerate and get back to what he was before.

That feels like the first time someone tells you, “Go explore your computer. You cannot EVER screw it up, even if you do, you can get it back to what it was”

Imagine if someone tells you that about your life.

Wolverine IS that life.

As would be evident, I have spent quite a bit of time reading through Wolverine comic books today, and if the above wasn’t enough, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite cover pages on my blog (two of them are my wallpapers, on the desktop and the phone respectively).

Zen Logan

The Marv similarity, eh FM?

My absolute favorite!

Not me, bub!

Logan as Martin Sheen

Coming right at you, motherfucker!

Apocalyptic Wolverine

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Punk Logan

Horror in the rear mirror

This is where a Shiva like resemblance becomes very apparent. Then you think of the destructiveness and the regeneration, and you go "Oh!"

Long Live Logan!

So, there is a soft hearted messiah inside that gruff exterior?

Trying to do the right thing!

Go ahead, reload. Amen!


Update: Some great Wolverine Fan-Art here. Putting in some pictures from there.

Wolverine, by Elvire


Wolverine, by Rod Reis


Wolverine, by Schmaltz


Wolverine vs T Rex by njoo

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