I live on the 5th floor of a building in versova in andheri in bombay. The lift went unoperational last night. I had complained bitterly to the guard, how to carry the sprained ankle five floors up. But then, I came inside the house, and forgot all about it.

This morning, a middle aged woman was arguing with a vegetable vendor about the lift not working. The vendor was trying to assure her that it was, that he had infact just used it to get to the fifth floor.

Lift nahi chal rahi hai.

Haan haan chal rahi hai.

I walked in. Pressed button.

Main abhi usi se aaya na upar.

Lekin kal raat to nahi chal rahi thi?

Haan kal shaam se band thi.

Lift comes up, opens, I get in.

Dekho wo aadmi khada tha wahan. Button daba ke andar gaya, gayab ho gaya.

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