Life completes one inner concentric circle

A lot happened since morning. Today was supposed to be one of those dreaded “Have a meeting, will discuss how we can move ahead in closing the presentation“, try to pass the ball to everyone in the room, and everyone, one by one, in an excruciatingly embarrassing (to me) and slow motion, refuse to pick it up. Then back to the finishing line. Who’s the bunny? Me.

I digress.

The boss has quit.

No, it is not a victory because I am also quit, and I stay quit, but my reasoning was correct. When I had stated at the resignation, “I have a feeling that you are washing your hands off” the entire division, the entire work that me and my team had put in for the last six months into this. I had felt it in my bones, and I had reacted, out of complete gut instinct.

I also remember the sniveling lying bitch’s answer to my “You are washing your hands off the division”, during my extremely heated resignation speech meeting with the HR.

Why would I? Why would I wash my hands off after this has been such a success? I have been through this all the hard work, now when it is time to reap the rewards, why would I wash my hands off?

Why would you indeed?


No, this is still not a victory, because I am still quit. But I am glad my senses are working well.

I can still smell such things.

The first thought was to go downstairs and light a cigarette.

But I didn’t. I have quit.

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