The aging and depressed Cop as lead character

Saw MI:4 yesterday. How bad IS the movie! A cringing disaster. A one sequence centerpiece “let’s make Tom Cruise climb the tallest building in the world, and not via elevator, let’s make him climb the building by sticking to the glass, from outside” around which the entire movie has been based. The unrelenting stupidity that the characters in the movie keep spewing is a perfect example of what a soul-less movie would be. Mugged up lines without ANY understanding of how the character and his challenges stand in the world today.

Makes me appreciate a masterpiece like Die Hard 4 way more. The movie was written crisply, the character’s basic nature doesn’t change in the context, his circumstances and problems change to adapt to the current times, and it hit the sweet spot perfectly. I would have linked up to the fan video they released during the time the movie released (Yippee ki yay, motherfucker), but can’t find a link right now. Sums up the beauty of the series right up to the current installation.

Speaking of brooding, getting old, and depressed cops, I finished up the first book in the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankell. Loved the book. Loved the brooding. Loved the depressed atmosphere.

I have a knack for reading and enjoying depressed cop stories. There is Ray Lennox of  Crime by Irvine Welsh. There is Sartaj Singh of Love and Longing in Bombay and Sacred Games. There is of course, Hartigan from Sin City. Travis McGee is not a cop, but well, same concept.

This post is more of a half thought than a completely well rounded … rounding off of everything. So be it.

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