How NOT to talk to kids about evolution

So I have been googling how to talk to kids about evolution, and skimming in active accumulate learning mode, 29 tabs open, quick reading, arranging, when I get on to this site, and start visual skimming

How Can You Talk With Your Children About Evolution? Article by Becky Sweat.

I am reading through and nodding at the words

If you have school-aged children, they’re probably being exposed to evolutionary theory on a regular basis, whether you like it or not. In most public schools, evolution is a major part of the science curriculum.

Of course, even if your children are preschoolers, they still may be hearing a lot about evolution. Just take them to a zoo, visit a natural history museum, watch a nature show on television or read a book about animals. Darwin’s theories are promulgated practically everywhere.

That’s exactly why you, as a parent, need to do some talking of your own on this subject. You need to counteract these ideas.

Wha .. Wha?

Remember, when your children are at school evolutionary theory is most likely being presented to them as fact. They’re unlikely to be told anything about the flaws with Darwinian thinking or about the existence of a divine Creator.

True, your children may go to church with you. They may know you don’t believe in evolution. But they’re not likely to really understand why evolution is wrong unless you talk about it with them.

This may sound like a tall order. After all, evolution can be a daunting topic. However, you don’t have to be skilled in biology or paleontology to see the fallacies in evolution and explain these to your children. Here are some practical suggestions for doing this and, even more importantly, teaching your children what the Bible says about creation.

This may sound like a tall order. Indeed. Though to help with that task, the article further provides five steps like

Educate yourself about the issues.

While you don’t need to be an expert in biology, you should at least have a general understanding of evolutionary theory before you discuss it with your kids.

Know the basic terms like survival of the fittest, speciation, spontaneous generation, common descent, random mutation, natural selection, etc. You should understand what these terms mean and how they fit into evolutionary theory. This will allow you to discuss the issues on an intelligent level.

It sums up with

What we believe really matters

To sum up, it certainly matters a great deal what we believe concerning the origins of the universe and of life itself. Darwin believed that life began when chemicals in a pond somehow became mixed together to spontaneously create living matter, even though he admitted it could not be proven. Today evolutionists cannot prove how life was first formed either.

But we know the answer. We know that God created us in His image. We also know that He has a wonderful plan for us, intending us to be a part of His eternal Kingdom. This should be something we think about often and regularly talk about with our children. That is the only way they will learn to separate truth from fiction, and hold fast to God’s precious truths!

It really is a beautiful article. Go ahead, read it. I will wait.

But we are not done here. Not quite yet. The next article I shall be reproducing in toto (mainly because it is and you have to see an opening video)

Your children and evolution

Hints for Christian Parents

by Geoff Chapman

Let’s be frank. In the story of the king’s new clothes, it was a little child who saw that the king had no clothes on at all. Even if parents are not bold enough to say it, children soon recognise that evolution does contradict the Bible and does undermine Christian faith.

What can Christian parents do to counteract these effects? How do parents encourage their children to share the faith and retain confidence in the Bible? If you are a parent, here are some of the things which you can do:

  • Firstly, you can teach your children about God’s creation. Begin when they are very young. Read to them over and over again the story of God’s creation until they have it firmly fixed in their memory. Read to them about God’s wonderful creatures from colourful story books, but make sure you have read the stories carefully to ensure they contain no hint of theistic evolution, progressive creation, day-age or gap theory. Avoid so-called Christian books which begin with the world as a molten blob or start with ‘millions of years ago’. Use children’s colouring-in books about Genesis and in as many ways as possible teach your children to respect the Bible as the infallible Word of God, a book which contains no myths or errors of fact.
  • Instil into your children a sense of wonder at the greatness and magnificence of what God has done [while keeping in mind that the world we see today is affected by the Curse]. Whenever you go out into the country or even into the garden, point out the wonderful things that can be seen. Show them the things that Genesis talks about: the birds, the bats, the flying insects and remind them constantly that God made the birds on the fifth day. Take them outside at night and show them the moon that God made on the fourth day to rule over the night. Show them the intricate patterns in leaves and remind them over and over again how absurd it is to suggest that such pretty and intricate patterns happened by accident.
  • Teach your children about the fallacies of evolution before they learn about its supposed truth at school. Make sure that you as a parent know the many flaws in evolutionary theory. To do this, you will need to work and study good books on the subject. And then you will have to work at pointing out these facts to your children as they grow old enough to understand.
  • Since dinosaurs are often used, even from kindergarten level onwards to introduce children to evolution, remind them that dinosaurs are big animals which were made on sixth day of creation (and other dinosaur-like creatures, e.g. Plesiosaurs, etc., were made on the fifth day). Inform them about the evidence that dinosaurs lived with people, the rock carvings of dinosaurs and the dragon legends. Buy them Dr Duane Gish’s book, Dinosaurs By Design, or Dr Gary Parker’s book, Dry Bones and other Fossils. Always be ready to point out when a commentator is talking about evolution. Encourage them to be saddened by the fact that so many people can believe that which simply is not true and substitute chance and accident for the wonderful gifts of God.
  • Encourage your children to study the actual evidence for themselves. Take them to a place to dig up fossils and explain how fossils are generally formed (by rapid burial in sediment). Explain to them how the great world-wide flood in Genesis would have provided perfect conditions for the formation of millions of fossils found on the earth. Point out that the fossils in the sedimentary rocks do not show that the rocks formed slowly and the earth is very old. To the contrary, they indicate rapid processes and therefore a recent and great watery catastrophe as taught in the Bible. Mention to them that animals which die today are very unlikely to become fossils, therefore formation of fossils is not a normal every day occurrence.
  • Finally, explain in detail why there is suffering and cruelty in the world. Tell them where death came from and its significance. Tell them that God created a perfect world but Adam’s sin spoilt that perfection and brought death and decay to the earth. Tell your children that Adam was punished with the curse of death, because the God of creation knew that He himself would come in the form of Jesus Christ, the last Adam, to suffer the same curse of death himself. Then those who would accept His sacrifice for sin would have forgiveness and look forward to eternal life. Explain that by His death and resurrection, Jesus restored our broken relationship with God, and that at the end of time, God will create a new heaven and a new earth — a completely restored creation in which all who truly love Him will share.

How heartwarming.

Oh, but what to do with the blasted schools?


Here are some practical suggestions students and their parents can use to fight evolution in the classroom. It certainly is unfair to use tax dollars to promote the religion of evolution and, at the same time, destroy the faith of Christian children in school.


  • Transfer your child from public school to private or home school. Public schools lose funding when enrollment drops (
  • As a taxpayer, you have a right to help control your local schools, even if your children do not attend. Go to school board meetings. Be polite and friendly. Get involved with the election process.
  • Get educated. Research the educational structure, educational standards, and annual textbook selection process of your state. Use the internet and your phone book. State and local officials will be impressed and more ready to cooperate when they see you have done your homework.
  • Write to textbook publishers to express your opinion.
  • Run for school board or get on your textbook selection committee and demand that books be accurate. Most states already have laws requiring this. Getting false information out of the books will remove many items currently used to support evolution. Textbooks are selected by either state textbook-selection committees, county or district committees, or individual teachers. States with state textbook-selection committees normally select several books from the textbooks submitted by publishers. These books are considered state approved and districts must choose from those books if they want the state to pay for them. Publishers want to sell books so they produce accordingly. Check with the Educational Research Analysts for great help in helping formulate a good state standard as well as the process of textbook selection.
  • Encourage students to do papers showing the religious nature of evolutionary theory in science class. Your school board may be persuaded to buy some material for the sake of equal time. If not, get and distribute books and videos as a mission project through your church.
  • Donate creation science material to your child’s science teacher or school library.
  • Inform teachers of their right to teach creation in public school. Many are fooled by the propaganda from groups like the ACLU into thinking they are not allowed to talk about creation when they really are.
  • Keep informed of trends in education and bills being introduced by getting in “the loop.”


  • Earn good grades; behave well; be on time; be respectful.
  • Pray for your teacher.
  • Talk to your teacher about evolution and creation issues privately, after class. Try to not confront them in class, if possible.
  • Offer your teacher creation science material to read or watch. A video is a great non-offensive way to convert teachers to the truths of creation. (Creation Seminar Part #1 or #4 would be good.)
  • Have your parents request that you be exempted from the evolutionary portions of class as they are contrary to your religion.

This is a depressing turn of events. Searching for Ways to talk to Kids about Evolution turns up the opposite! There are reams and reams of debate where people talk about what children should be studying, and whose right is it to suggest what children should be reading about.

More resources:

Here’s an FAQ to protect yourself from Evolutionists

And here’s a WikiHow : How to defend each other

It is a fascinating read up as a musing upon the sensibility of the populace dictum, but that is a sterile, academic exercise, not to be muddled about for more than bitter amusement.

Edit: More example of the extent of this rot, from shows a 4th grade Science test from a South Carolina school.

Evolution Test - Page 1

Evolution Test - Page 2

How to talk to Kids about evolution?

Let them explore.

Here’s something positive instead, here’s a 146 page book for kids, where ‘Young scientists go on botanical treasure hunts, keep field notes as backyard naturalists, and trace genetic trait to learn about Darwin’s life and work and assess current evidence of evolution.’

This here below is a beautiful pdf version of the book by Kristan Lawson,

DARWIN and EVOLUTION for Kids. His Life and Ideals with 21 activities.

Darwin and Evolution for Kids

And if you are still looking for some bitter amusement, here’s Creationist Cousins

Peace Out

Peace Out

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